Jamo's Resolution

David James admits he is going to do some kicking practice after one or two clearances went astray on Filbert Street's treacherous surface on Saturday.

"The pitch wasn't the best; it was very bobbly as I found out with a few back passes in the first half, but that's life and my kicking was nowhere near what it should have been - and it is something I will look to mend."

David insists that he was not looking to join in the melee following the penalty award for Joe Cole in the second half when he ran to the half way line, and he explains:

"I have seen many a keeper join in a fray from the other end of the pitch and it looks stupid, so I was just talking to Tomas about setting the defensive line up.

"In the second half we had a fair few opportunities to create chances and fair play to Paolo when he stepped up for the penalty, because it took a fair bit of bottle."

As for the controversy of whether Joe should have had a penalty or not, David adds:

"I asked Joe after the game 'was it a penalty?' and he said 'yes' so I will take his word for it, and Paolo has despatched it in the only way he could.

"But from there we should have got a grip of the game with their player being sent off and for five or 10 minutes I think we did.

"Overall I think possibly a draw was a fair result; I think Leicester demonstrated what they are all about and renowned for, which was a physical gutsy performance, and shot wise they deserved to 'win' the first half - albeit that they got a fortuitous first goal.

"The shot came off Tomas and Seb; it would have been comfortable for me to get the shot otherwise but these things happen."

Three draws in four games has not pleased David, who adds:

"It is frustrating when we had an opportunity to take all three points because of the advantage in numbers. "We could also have taken more points off Aston Villa and Arsenal, so in one respect it is good that we are not getting beaten - but now it is about time we start winning games rather than drawing them.

"There is a bit of frustration there but at the same time it is born out of positive performances, which is the best way."

As for the great Christmas party discussion, he says:

"I had one training session on Friday because I had flu, so I avoided both the party and debate afterwards, but the performance overall I thought was good - so to put it that way it didn't affect us."

Overall he is optimistic about the second half of the season, and concludes:

"Playing wise we are capable and if we can play consistently and just get that killer edge, perhaps not go a goal down, perhaps not give away silly goals, if we can cut those sort of opportunities down then perhaps we have a chance."