Glenn Says Thanks

Glenn Roeder says he would like to thank the fans for the support they have given him so far this season.

Although not normally given to pronouncements about his own position, preferring instead to concentrate on the club as a whole, he sends this Christmas message to the supporters:

"I do feel that the vast majority are behind myself, the team, and what we are trying to do, and know what a difficult job it is.

"But we are all in it together and hopefully we can get the points that we all want as soon as possible so that we can plan for the future.

"The most important game in our season now is Derby; it will be a vocal crowd cheering everyone on and hopefully we can give them the performance they want.

"I'd like to wish all of our supporters on behalf of our myself, the playing staff and all the backroom staff, a happy Christmas - but in the football business it is results that gets that and that is what we are looking for.

"We still believe December would be the most difficult month to come through."

As for the controversy surrounding the Leicester game, he says:

"I thought the referee got everything spot on; I think I'm a very fair person and if I thought it was wrong I would say so.

"The back of Joe Cole's leg was kicked for the penalty decision and he couldn't stay up; what happened afterwards is a shame and not really acceptable.

"The video shows Matt Elliott head butt Trevor Sinclair and the very fact that his own manager as well as the referee saw it gave him no option; there is nothing more to be said, and it is done and dusted.

"It is always a point gained when you are away from home and especially with 16 minutes to go when you are losing; I thought we worked hard enough to have gained a point."

As for the pitch, he refuses to use that as a reason for what some felt was a below par performance, and says:

"I made a point of walking on the pitch before kick off which I don't normally do, but I have to say the Leicester ground staff had done a good job and the pitch was in perfect order; the weather was just kind enough for the game to go ahead.

"We try and work hard and not concede on set plays; that was highlighted in two or three meetings we had had before the game, and I couldn't really see them scoring a goal in open play - but unfortunately they scored via a corner."

Fredi's absence was once again notable, and Glenn adds:

"It wasn't just on Saturday that we missed him; it is any game, and we hope Fredi is back for the Derby game.

"He is the only type of big physical striker we have at the club but he is also technically gifted, and it is that much more difficult without him - especially away from home.

"As for Derby, they are fighting for their lives; they had a terrific win at Aston Villa, taking their chances when Villa didn't, and it was a big three points for them.

"They have got first class strikers in Ravanelli, Christie, and Carbone, so we have to make sure we are tight at the back."

Glenn says that from his point of view, any disciplinary matters concerning the Christmas party have been sorted out, and he adds:

"I want to draw a line under it; none of us at the football club want it to drag on and it has been dealt with - Hayden has been punished and we want get on with the football."

Regarding rumours of a move by Paolo Di Canio to Manchester United, he insists:

"It reared its head in the summer and it has reared its head again; he is a vital cog in a lot of the good things that we do and everything else is pure speculation."

Of Paolo's cool penalty to seal a point at Filbert Street, he adds:

"He missed the last one but every penalty taker at some stage has to take another penalty after missing the previous one; the only thing was how he was going to take it.

"I don't think there was any doubt; the only thing was the technique and style he would use to score the goal and he chose to dummy to shoot low and hard and at the last second just stub his foot to chip it.

"It does seem an awful long time to get in the net, though!"

Supporters will be able to gain entry to Boxing Day's fixture against Derby County by paying at the following turnstiles:

Dr Martens Stand Upper, turnstile number 16 @ £34 adults and £17 under 16s / OAPs.

Dr Martens Stand Lower, turnstile number 9 @ £26 adults and £15 under 16s / OAPs.

Centenary Stand Lower, turnstile number 5 @ £26 adults and £15 under 16s / OAPs.

Those turnstiles are situated in the north west corner of the stadium and access can be gained via Green Street. Pay turnstiles will be open from 10.45am [cash only].

Says ticket office boss Steve Kitcher:

"Now its scientifically proven that 90 minutes of singing and shouting at a football match is proven to help you lose weight, why not come and burn off all those calories gained eating too much on Christmas Day and cheer the Hammers up the table."

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