Nigel: Keep It Going

Nigel Winterburn insists that West Ham must not get carried away with the results over Arsenal and Manchester United as they approach another tough game, against Leicester City, this coming weekend.

"We've had a couple of fantastic results but they will count for nothing if we lose the next couple of games," he insists.

"Four points against Manchester United and Arsenal is not too bad, though. It was a highly entertaining game on Saturday and could have gone either way in the end, but on the day I think we matched Arsenal very well.

"They have got some fantastic players but I think we showed that if we keep going the way we have been we are going to be okay."

Nigel is pleased with the form of the last two games and the second half of the draw against Aston Villa as well, and adds: "That is the standard we've set in the last two and a half games and we've got to keep it that way.

"We're just aiming to be more consistent and we want to win the Leicester game.

"That league is so close - one win and you could be seventh, so we know we need to keep winning."

Nigel had a chat with his old boss Arsene Wenger after the game, and adds: "I would think they are disappointed to have dropped two points but they will be thinking that everyone else has got to come here and, if we play like we did, other teams could drop points as well."

The point and performance was one way of belatedly celebrating his 38th birthday last week, and he laughs: "I don't want reminding too often because I can't go on forever and it is getting close to the end, but you can enjoy days like that even though we only drew.

"I enjoy playing against anyone because playing in the Premiership at my age is an honour."

Nigel insists a point was the least the Hammers deserved, even though the Gunners hit the bar twice. He adds: "I don't know about riding our luck - I think we played very well and if you play a whole game against Manchester United and Arsenal and they don't get any chances you are doing very well.

"You always expect them to get four or five chances in a game - they had two good chances, I suppose, when they hit the bar, but we had good chances when we could have won it as well.

"It was going one way then the other but I think a draw is fantastic for us, even though we would have liked to have won."

If some grumbled about the atmosphere at the Spurs game recently being a bit quiet, there could be no such thoughts concerning the noise generated on Saturday.

"The atmosphere was fine," says Nigel, "our fans just want to see a lot of effort.

"We had a fantastic result the week before and a lot of good support, and when we played well on Saturday they got behind us again.

"Like any supporters they will stick with the team and try and lift you even more if you are playing well."

But Nigel will be even happier when the pitch moves nearer the Dr. Martens stand - and the sand currently bordering that side of the field is taken away.

He says: "That's like quicksand that is - I don't want to be running in there too often!"