Fredi: J May Play

Fredi Kanoute says he has no automatic right to return to the side now he is fit again.

Fredi, who has missed five games with a hamstring injury, admits: "It is the choice of the coach. I can't say if I will play because I am never sure."

Fredi playing could well mean Jermain Defoe being left out of the side - despite his golden goal at Old Trafford last weekend.

"Even when he didn't play I wasn't sure to play every game - competition makes part of the game," says Fredi.

"The first thing is to win. I will accept being on the bench even if it is never easy because I knew this situation before, and, to be honest, I didn't like it.

"But Jermain has played and he has scored so maybe he deserves to play. If I play I will show people I can score too - and maybe one day we can play together up front, which would be good.

"I am happy for Jermain because I have known for a long time he is a good player, and he had a great season last year in the second division.

"I knew he would achieve things in the Premiership and he has started to score goals, which doesn't surprise me because I see him every day at training - he is a natural goalscorer.

"I have to keep working, no matter who may play or not, and if Glenn wants to play Jermain I will accept that, no problem.

"If he plays me, I will do my best and it's like that.

"He is a goalscorer; sometimes he doesn't get many chances, but when he does, he scores.

"Maybe my game is a bit different; I get the ball more and I can do other stuff."

Of the injury, he says: "It is worrying, but I have worked on it to make it stronger, and I hope it will be all right.

"The physical side is important to my game and that is why sometimes I have muscle problems. I like to run a lot and that is why sometimes my legs are stiff."