Goddard Gunning For Goals

Paul Goddard says he can not believe that the Hammers have only scored one goal in their last two matches.

"I don't think I have ever been involved with a side that has created the amount of opportunities we have been producing," he says, "but that is a good thing because teams that are going to struggle won't create chances.

"I would estimate we have had about 10 good chances in our last two games and we have scored with one of the harder ones against Villa - it was only a half chance for Jermain's goal.

"We will score more goals and on another day we will end up getting four or five."

The cliche 'a game of two halves' has never been more appropriate than on Wednesday night and Paul says: "It was two different kinds of halves - a real football team in the second and a nervy and scared one in the first.

"It was disappointing, obviously, because we conceded a goal so early. You have to give Villa credit for closing us down but we were very hesitant in the first half and there was a little bit of fear in our play.

"It happens, I'm afraid, but the good thing is the way the lads reacted to what was said to them at half time and I thought we were absolutely superb in the second half - bar scoring goals."

So what magic words were said at half time to produce the turnaround?

"We pointed out that we felt Villa were working harder with their tempo and their play," says Paul, "and there were also a few tactical things to do with the shape of the side that Glenn pointed out, and that helped no end.

"But the tempo of what we were doing wasn't there and once we got that Villa struggled with us."

Paul does not blame the dropping of two points on Paolo's penalty miss, and says: "Everyone saw it and Paolo is disgusted with himself.

"He is a very professional footballer and it has never happened to him before - everyone saw how bad it was.

"After a quick chat with him he knows it is how he bounces back from this that matters, and he appreciates that.

"The winner in the last minute on Saturday would be very nice!"