Soma Surprise

Raggy Soma is battling to overcome a calf problem and reveals: "I have never been injured before in my life!"

Raggy has now suffered injuries number one and two in his career in quick succession, as he pulled first one, then the other calf muscle.

"It is frustrating," he says, "because when I first started training again I pulled the other one so it is not fun.

"I am having a scan today because they are not pleased with the progress, so we will check if there is something else.

"It is a bit annoying because there are a lot of games coming up and there might be possibilities to get back in the squad again or even the team, but I had better be fit and well before I start training again and I won't risk anything.

"I've never been injured before in the whole of my life, so these are the first two injuries I have ever had.

"It is difficult to say why it has happened but of course you can pull one calf - to pull the other as soon as you start training again is strange, though."

Raggy denies reports that he is for sale, but admits: "Everyone is for sale at the right price, I haven't been playing much lately, and I have been out of the squad as well.

"But I haven't begged Glenn to sell me because I feel I have something to give to the club.

"I want to keep on working hard and get back in place in the squad at least, and later as a starter in the team.

"I just have to get rid of the injuries, play in the reserves, and go from there.

"I have been talking to Glenn a couple of times just to see how things are really, just to have a little update on what is going on; it is not such a big deal.

"I will just take it from now, get rid of the injury, start playing again, and try to get back in the team."

Raggy is aware of Glenn's search for a centre half, but says: "I understand that he is looking to get some new players in defence but the manager is always looking to strengthen the squad and I can't worry about that.

"I just have to get myself in the squad again and show that they might not need anyone that soon, so hopefully in no more than a couple of weeks I will be back."