Moncs' Fear

John Moncur admits he is not going to change the combative nature of his game to avoid getting carded.
As he prepares to face Leeds, who had two players sent off this week at Arsenal, he knows he will be in for a tough tussle.
"You have to battle against Leeds because they are a physical team, and if we don't, we won't be at the races anyway.
"So it's about getting the balance  - but it is a bit late for me to change my game," he says.
He is concerned, however, that the early season strictness of referees that has been much in evidence this season could lead to problems.
"It is a worry," he says, "but you can't go out there with kid gloves and not get your foot in because they are going to walk all over you.
"The amount of people getting sent off lately is a bit hairy.
"It's early days and we are not as fit as we will be a couple of months into the season.
"I think the refs could be just a little bit more lenient; they are just throwing their cards out like Paul Daniels.
"But the red cards do cross your mind, because you don't want to leave the lads with ten men.
"You have got to be sensible and hopefully there will be no sendings off."
This reporter correctly predicted a 44th minute booking for John before the game at Liverpool - which is exactly what he got.
But what was the caution for?
"A number of things," he says.
"He told me I'd pulled him but then he said I clipped his ankles.
"I just caught him, but looking at it, it is a bit worrying, especially for players like myself."
Of the game at Anfield overall, he says:
"We set our stall to try and contain them  - and stuck to it.
"I think there will be sides that get a rinsing up there this year ; it was disappointing because we looked like we were going to get a result.
"Then again, it was a good away performance."
As for the first home game of the season, John admits the changing face of Upton Park could have an adverse effect, and he says:
"It looks like it is going to be a strange atmosphere compared to what we are used to.
"The fans have always been an added bonus, being tight to the pitch and intimidating.
"You are not quite going to get that but there is nothing you can do; we would prefer it if they were screaming and hollering close to the pitch.
"Hopefully it will be sorted out soon, because looking at it now it does look a bit tatty.
"But obviously there is lots of work to be done."