Dailly Defiant

Christian Dailly says the players are not concerned at all by the bookies' prediction that the side will struggle this season.
"We don't care what anyone says, to be honest.
"Nobody could give a monkey's - we just play our game and get on with it," he insists.
Speaking against the backdrop of the hive of activity at Upton Park, with a race against time to get the ground ready for Saturday, he adds:
"The ground looks as if it is going to be magnificent when it is done.
"It will be fantastic and I can't wait for it to be finished."
David Grant, the senior licensing manager for Newham council, was on site supervising the final tests which will determine whether the game goes ahead or not.
Stadium manager John Ball said at lunchtime:
"We are anticipating being able to make a positive announcement later today."
Although the lower tier still resembles the building site that it is, the tunnel area was being worked on, and the checks on the PA and CCTV systems successfuly completed.
Meanwhile, Christian says the players can take heart from the performance at Liverpool - even though it did not yield a point.
"I suppose we can take something out of it; there was a good shape about us and if we keep working the way we are going we are on the right tracks," he says.
"Everbody knew what they were doing, and we have a different system now, one that probably suits us better with the players we have got.
"We have a lot of fit boys, and 4-4-2 is good for teams that are fit, so hopefully we can keep it going."
As for the Michael Owen brace, he says:
"Sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say it was a brilliant bit of skill.
"They were great finishes, and he can be the difference in games - that's why he is as good as he is."
Christian knows the Hammers face another tricky test against Leeds at the weekend, adding:
"I'm always optimistic; I hate pessimists - I'm very confident for Saturday.
"I hate people who think we are going to get beaten in this or that fixture; we always believe we can get something."