Glenn: Unity The Key

Glenn Roeder insists that half the battle will be won this season - if the attitude is right.
"Team spirit and togetherness is going to be key to our performances this year," he says.
"We have got to be a team, we have got to stick together, and the boys have got to talk about 'we' and 'us', not 'I' and 'me'.
"We can't have individuals, we have got to have a team.
"We all win, we all lose, or we all get the draw.
"No one gets a different result on the day; we all get the same result.
"We have got to be in there battling and make sure that whoever we are playing against, the players show no fear."
He insists that the Hammers' poor record at Anfield should have no bearing tomorrow, and says:
"Every game is different and what has gone on in the past does not concern me.
"We will not be doing anything different for this game; we are staying in the same hotel in the north west where we have stayed in the past and both won and lost games.
"I don't know what side Gerard Houllier is going to put out but he has several options.
"Fear is a big factor in losing, in my opinion, and the players have to believe that we can achieve a result on the day no matter who we are playing.
"We can all look at teams on paper but games are not won or lost on paper, they are won out on the field.
"So the fear factor has to be got out of players' heads and we have to make them think in a very attacking and a very positive frame of mind."
He admits that having a mix of nationalities in the squad is challenging, adding:
"It is a little bit more difficult when people come from different countries and different cultures.
"But what we try and do is include everyone in all of the things that we do.
"We talk to them and ask their opinions; when you ask an opinion they feel more involved.
"Ultimately, of course, I will always have the final say, which is right."