Shaka Sorry

Shaka Hislop takes his place between the sticks at Anfield on Saturday insisting: I didn't want it to be like this at all.
Shaka watched in horror as his goalkeeping adversary - but personal friend - injured himself on England duty against Holland, and is no mood to gloat just because it means he will get his place back.
"To be quite honest I didn't expect to be figuring in this first game at all, but due to unfortunate circumstances it seems I am," he says.
"I was looking at the game on the telly and I feared the worst when it happened.
"We have struck up a good relationship over the last six weeks or so and it is sad to see any player injured, but especially someone as close as David.
"I went in to see him the next day in the physio's room, hoping the injury wasn't too serious."
But of course, confirmation that he has damaged a knee ligament means that it is, and he adds:
"In football, it could always be you, and you have to be grateful if you come off the park still in one piece."
Shaka, who has one year left on his contract, reveals that a lot of misinformation has been put out concerning his reaction to David's arrival at the club - and he is keen to set the record straight.
"I haven't spoken to any reporters until now because anything I said would be misinterpreted.
"So rest assured that whatever was said was wrong as this is the first interview I have done.
"All I ever wanted to do was play first team football for West Ham.
"I was disappointed because it seemed that opportunity had passed me.
"So it was case of sitting tight and waiting for a chance - but I didn't think it would come this soon.
"I trained hard every day and was trying to be professional about it.
"I never asked for a transfer because I never wanted to leave West Ham and I still don't.
"I just continued working hard, though I wasn't expecting to get more than a game or two at a time."
And, of suggestions this week that Ipswich were preparing a bid for him, he says:
"I didn't speak to anyone and I didn't read anything because I haven't been following speculation in the press at all.
"People have mentioned transfer talk but I knew nothing at all."
Shaka, of course, has not been injury free himself of late and he says:
"There was still a little bit of a knee injury recently, I think a reoccurence of what plagued me through Christmas and into the early part of the year, but that seems to be behind me now."
Regarding the prospects for this season, he says:
"We will hold our own and I think we will surprise quite a few people along the way.
"The manager has said that he is disappointed that he hasn't been able to sign any more players but I think he is right in thinking he has to bring in players that will benefit the squad and not simply make up the numbers.
"I think we have the nucleus of a good team, though; we had that last season but we were desperately unlucky.
"For the most part that has been kept intact apart from the loss of Frank Lampard."
And he says he has no qualms about going to Anfield on Saturday with no new centre halves at the club.
"I will be prepared for whoever they put in front of me, but I worked with these players last year and I am comfortable whoever it is," he says.
He also says he is delighted that Ludek Miklosko is back at the club, as goalkeeping coach, adding:
"I certainly am pleased; I worked with him for about six months when I first came here.
"Yes, I did have a great relationship with Les Sealey but I'm learning just as much from Ludo as I was from Les.
"Les brought a lot of character to my game and brought me on quite a bit.
"But it is a good appointment and Ludo has continued from there."