Glenn Admits Interest

Glenn Roeder admits that Atletico Madrid's Bosnian centre half Mirsad Hibic could be a target - but that he has other irons in the fire as well.
He has decided not, however, to pursue the signature of PSG midfielder Pierre Ducrocq, who played half a game in Jersey at the weekend.
And, as for Fiorentina midfielder Fabio Rossitto, who says he is "aware of West Ham's interest", Glenn says:
"That's a new one - I've not heard that one before!"
First things first, however: Glenn says he will be keeping tabs on Hibic, admitting:
"He is an interesting player that has come to light; he is a very talented central defender, but at this stage there is nothing more to say on him.
"We are keeping an eye on several players at this moment and he could possibly be one of them.
"But a lot of top players are away this week playing for their countries."
With regards to midfielder Ducrocq, Glenn reveals:
"We had him in for a few days but we have decided that we won't be offering him anything and he is going back to his club.
"He has had a successful career - I think he has played nearly 200 games for PSG - but I just feel he didn't quite show enough to make me want to sign him."
And as for Rossitto, he says:
"That is new to me; I personally saw Fiorentina play at Leicester with Paul Goddard, who also saw them at Tottenham.
"So we have a good picture of Fiorentina and they have one or two good players.
"They certainly have one striker there that is a fantastic talent, but I would think he is too expensive for most teams, let alone ourselves.
"The lad Chiesa, an Italian international, came on with about half an hour to go and I really enjoyed watching him.
"He looked fantastic, and I wish Jermain Defoe had been sitting alongside me watching his movement and how much hard work he put in off the ball.
"It was very impressive stuff; but I'm sure his price would be double figures of milllions even if he was for sale.
"My priorities lie elsewhere - but if Fiorentina wanted to give him to us I'd certainly be happy!"