Roeder Races Clock

Glenn Roeder is acutely aware that time is running out as he looks to bring in new players before the season starts - and is optimistic he will do it.
A midweek mission to Spain last week may yet prove to be a fruitful one, and he says:
"It was a very interesting trip to Madrid and I looked at two or three players; hopefully something might come of it.
"I certainly can't stop the clock ticking but what I can do is make sure when I go into the transfer market the player is one we are looking for.
"It is not just a question of bringing in one, but of spreading the money across three or four players.
"The concern is always that you don't make a mistake.
"Nothing will happen before Monday or Tuesday, but we are hoping something will be done next week before the Liverpool game."
It has been a frustrating summer for the Hammers boss, and he admits:
"I've been there before and hit the post a few times, so I'd rather keep the names of the players close to my chest and hopefully announce them when they have signed on the dotted line.
"I've been frustrated so often; one, when I thought I've got close to signing players that I feel could do that job I'm looking for, and two, when I've gone for players and haven't even been able to talk to the player because the club concerned has not been prepared to sell."
Squad numbers are so far down, the friendly against Rushden and Diamonds recently had the back page of the programme showing more players in their squad than West Ham's!
"That tells you the problem," admits Glenn.
"Apart from Frank Lampard and Igor Stimac when he is fit, the other four or five players that went out the club didn't do a lot for us during the season.
"That doesn't mean Stuart Pearce, who was fantastic for us last year, but I think in his own mind he feels more comfortable playing his last season with Manchester City in division one.
"But the other players played very little part, and when they did, they didn't really help us achieve any results.
"So the quality has been diluted in any case, and now we are on low numbers we are basically trying to bring in three or four players with basically £11m to make the team better.
"We've got to come out what was a downward curve last year very quickly."
Nonetheless, Glenn is relishing the challenge, and says:
"It's a big job, I knew it was a big job, and I'm enjoying it as much as I can.
"I'm working as hard as possible and I'm going to be so much happier when I get men into the club.
"I'm not looking for boys, I want people to come into the team."
He says he will breathe a huge sigh of relief when the players he wants do arrive, and he says:
"I'll be glad when the money is used then I can say 'this is our money spent, this is our squad for the season, and let's get on with it'.
"I can't wait for that day to happen, but I won't put the club's money forward just for the sake of it."
Paolo Di Canio missed the trip to Jersey with a stomach muscle strain, and MD Paul Aldridge says:
"It wasn't worth the risk - but he will be fine for Liverpool."