Roeder's Quest

Glenn Roeder is hoping that he can overcome the disappointment of not being able to sign Alessandro Pierini this week - by bringing in a centre half from elsewhere.
But he is also mindful of the fact that the need for a midfielder is a pressing one as well.
Reports suggesting he was in Holland on Wednesday night are wide of the mark - but he was abroad checking another target.
"I was hoping to nail down the centre back position then move into other areas of the team, which I might have to do now anyway.
"But we are so short in that region at the moment it is not looking too good in that particular area.
"But I've got to remain positive and hopeful that I make a signing in that position before the game against Liverpool."
Glenn admits, however, that not signing Pierini was a huge blow, and adds:
"It is a massive disappointment because I had a real good feel for him when I met him on Saturday night.
"We spoke about football, I thought he was a lovely person, and I was looking forward to working with him.
"It was unfortunate that Fiorentina put out a statement that the deal was done when it wasn't quite like that.
"We had a financial agreement with Alessandro and his club but there were other bridges to cross and unfortunately we couldn't get across them, so the deal fell apart.
"I thought it was a good price for an Italian international at the right age.
"I had seen enough of him to feel confident that he would have done a good job for us."
Doubly disappointing was that the fee - £4m - was not exorbitant for an Italian international.
"Their transfer market is even higher than ours and the salaries are even higher, so it is very hard to get a player at the right price and the wages you can afford from Italy.
Joe Cole says Pierini would have been a good acquisition, saying:
"We were disappointed about the Italian not coming but I think Glenn has got some more players that he's looking at, so it's on to the next one.
"But we have also got some good young players ready to come in and fight for their place."
Joe will play for the England U21 side against Holland next week - but is concentrating on the domestic situation, and he adds:
"We have got a tough start, so the fans have got to stick behind us."