Goddard: Search Goes On

Paul Goddard says he is sure the transfer trail will hot up soon.
Ahead of looking after a West Ham X1 who take on Dagenham and Redbridge for Jason Broome's testimonial on Wednesday night, he stresses that no stone is being left unturned in the search for new talent.
After the deal for Alessandro Pierini didn't come off, the need for a centre half, especially, is pressing.
"Glenn had been working doubly hard with Paul Aldridge to sort that deal out," says Paul.
"He seemed ideal for us; everything was right, because he was a good age, likes to head it, knew the job, and impressed Glenn when he met him.
"A lot of foreign boys when they come over are reluctant with their families but this lad wanted to bring his family over.
"He was looking to get a house within two weeks, and was incredibly positive about it, so it makes it all that little bit sadder.
"There aren't too many centre halves about and the teams who have got good ones don't want to let them go.
"You are either getting young untried players or older ones if you are not careful; but there are other lines of enquiry, so we will see what happens.
"Panic is not the word, but it is something we have been thinking a lot about since we have been back training.
"We are going down other avenues and Glenn is working very hard.
"Midfield is also causing concern, of course, but I can't keep reiterating that Glenn is working with Paul to try and get something sorted out."
Despite the trials and tribulations of the transfer market, Paul says:
"I'm loving it; the lads have responded well to the things we have asked them to do so far.
"I have settled in very well though I was familiar with the club anyway."
The injured list is also proving a problem, and Paul adds:
"Unfortunately because of injuries you end up having a different set of people.
"We literally had the entire club at Rushden; there was no one left and it was a very young side by the end of it.
"The youngsters did all right but we hope that we don't have to fight too many Premiership campaigns with those players just yet.
"In one way I wish the season was a couple of weeks further back, which would give us more time, but you have to get on with it.
"We go to war with whatever we have got on that first day of the season."
The only consolation is that there were no further injuries sustained on Monday, and Paul says:
"Paolo rolled his ankle a little bit but it has not been a problem.
"But it was a blow to lose Hayden Foxe at the weekend.
"He fell over in training in the most light hearted of training sessions, which is disappointing."
The squad for the game at Dagenham is: Forrest, Byrne, Newton, Defoe, Garcia, Clark, Charles, Uddin, McCann, Cole, Riza, Johnson, Minto, Soma, Todorov, Potts, Britton, Jackson.
And Ludo!