Rigo On New Regime

Rigobert Song reveals that Glenn Roeder has brought in his own code of conduct to the club - and he supports it fully.
Rigo came through his first friendly action at Stevenage earlier in the week sporting a wispy, dyed blond beard.
And his new look coincides with a new regime and a few rule changes under Glenn Roeder.
Says Rigo:
"The new manager has brought a new style; everything at the club has changed and is professional.
"There are no mobiles in the dressing room now, and you must come early for training.
"If you come late for training the door is closing; I think that is good because players want to be professional.
"Small things are very important; if you want to win something you have to be disciplined."
Rigo had a few extra days off - with Glenn's blessing - after a fairly hectic summer playing for Cameroon, and he explains:
"I didn't have lot of time for a holiday because after the Confederation cup I had two games more in the World cup.
"The manager knows that and gave me a bit of time off; I said I wanted to be careful and fit for the beginning.
"I want to work hard to be playing from the start and I have played half a game now, which went alright."
Even he is feeling the heat, and adds:
"It has been too hot, but we have a job to do and everything is OK now.
"We want to do more than last season, to make a big improvement."
Rigo was surprised that Harry Redknapp left in the summer, to the extent that he said in the immediate aftermath of his departure:
"If it is possible,  I think he should come back because firstly, he has been a long time at the club, and secondly, he has done very well and it would be good for the club.
"He brought good players in who did well for West Ham; but I'm not a director."
But now the dust has settled on Glenn's appointment he says he is more than happy with the way things have turned out.
"It was a shock for me when Harry left," he admits, "but he is a good manager and I hope everything goes well for him.
"But we got used to the situation some time ago and now I'm looking forward to the future."