Aldridge On Meeting

Paul Aldridge met with Fredi Kanoute's agent Pape Diouf on Friday afternoon - and says he had a "very constructive" meeting.

And Diouf himself insists that Fredi is not looking for a move - and that he has NOT received any enquiries about his client.

"Fredi has always said that he is happy at West Ham," explains Diouf.

"What I can say is that if you are a good player it is normal that big clubs look at you: but that doesn't mean he is going to leave West Ham.

"He is quite content there and tells me that he has progressed a lot at the club.

"He works well with Harry Redknapp and is happy to continue to do so."

Football has, of course, become a 'never say never' business these days and he admits:

"There is no question of him leaving at the moment even if, in football, anything is possible.

"In the future anything can happen, but I must say that if it does with Fredi, it will only be the express blessing of the West Ham board."

He denies comments attributed to Fredi this week where he been quoted as saying Manchester United, Juventus, and Liverpool were in for him, and says:

"Words have been put in Fredi's mouth that he did not utter - and I didn't say those things either.

"Fredi and myself have not gone to any club or had contact with anyone and, as I say, if he were to depart, it would only be with the express accord of the West Ham directors."

Diouf adds that he "sincerely hopes" that Fredi will reach the full France squad as a West Ham player.

Paul, for his part, says:

"It was a very good meeting; it has clarified that Fredi is very happy at Upton Park, and has no intention of moving on.

"It should be stressed that we are looking for a partner, rather than a replacement, for him.

"We naturally look forward to Fredi helping us achieve what he and we all want - European football.

"That would be a good way of him helping the club progress, just as he has improved as an individual with West Ham."

Earlier in the season, both Rangers and Chelsea enquired about him, and he has been generally rated as being in the £10m - £15 m bracket.

* West Ham have signed an exclusive three year deal with Capital Radio for local radio commentary rights which gives them the sole right to broadcast match commentaries on their three stations - Capital FM 95.8, 1548 AM Capital Gold, and 104.9 XFM.

Says Paul:

"We are delighted to continue our close relationship with the Capital team.

"This arrangement will mean even more coverage for the Hammers and will help bring us closer to fans in London and the surrounding areas."

Tony Gale is a regular visitor to Upton Park as part of the Capital Gold commentary team and says:

"When discussions were taking place about which clubs we wanted to cover the Hammers were foremost in our minds.

"You are guaranteed entertaining and attacking football at West Ham and it is a great coup to work alongside West Ham for the next three seasons."