Frank Analyses Newcastle Defeat

After the defeat by Newcastle at St. James Park, Frank Lampard was an unhappy man.

Here, he explains why...

"It is a shame; people travelled all that way to the game and 2-1 flattered us a little.

"We looked fatigued but it's not an excuse because they had 2 games in 3 days as well and we didn't perform.

"Those sort of games you have to battle away; we did it against Derby, but we looked frail all over the pitch.

"When Freddie went off I thought that might be us done a little bit as we'd miss his presence and looked a little bit lightweight.

"It was a big loss to us, but in saying that we weren't playing well when he was on anyway, to be fair.

"I think he is OK he just got a whack on the back so it's only a matter of a couple of days' rest, so he'll be OK for the Leeds game which is a big, massive one for us.

"It is not good enough, we don't want to go and give performances like that; we are better than that.

"We can go to Villa and get a decent result and perform against them, but they outworked us and that is not acceptable - we are not having that.

"I don't like it, and we have a bit of soul searching to do; people have got to realize that the game is not just about when you have got the ball, it is about when you have not got the ball.

"There are no excuses, we didn't perform, it is down to us on a day when you aren't going to get a better chance to beat them.

"It seems a waste to come to those sort of places and not perform; the result can go either way and that is fair enough, but when teams cave in to sides that are not really playing that well as Newcastle were, I think we have to look at things.

"One or two places and one or two people...when battle has got to be done you have to stand up to them.

"They've got to learn to adapt to that sort of game,n you are going to get a lot of them next year which is probably going to be a harder season and you have to take stock from those sort of games.

"It's a shame really, for Sebastien that he came off, but it could have been anyone.

"We reshuffled a bit and went 3-5-2 with Frank pushing on a bit more.

"The penalty against us was harsh, the referee gave it - not the linesman.

"Nigel said it hit his hand but it wasn't intentional, and the linesman was probably closer.

"If we'd got a draw, though, it wouldn't have been what we deserve - sometimes you get just what you deserve.

"Now it's Leeds and a big game for us - they are a terrific side, and it is one of those games West Ham have been notorious for playing those sort of teams and doing well against.

"Leeds battle, every one of their players - you watch them play: they don't carry anyone."