Paolo's View

Paolo di Canio says it is time to get a perspective on West Ham's situation - and ignore the hype.

Paolo believes that, while there has been every reason to enjoy the good publicity attached to West Ham's recent cup run, week to week consistency has to be the key.

He explains:

"I think what Harry Redknapp says is true: we think sometimes we are stars, but we are not.

"We are good players, if we play together, but there is not one star here.

"I'm old now, I'm not a star, I have to play my best to do something good for the team."

Harry has said repeatedly that his England trio-elect are still learning the game and was appalled when Michael Carrick was barracked for a misplaced pass against Ipswich recently.

And Paolo agrees that the publicity about them creates an unfair burden of expectation, saying:

"If the English media generally want to help the young players they have to be fair when they speak about someone and not exaggerate.

"When I talked about that 12 months ago everybody attacked me and said I didn't like my team mates.

"This wasn't true; I just wanted to push them up and let them understand that you build your future day by day, and not in one or two games.

"I told them when everyone didn't believe it, that you have to play 40 good games in one year and not one or two or three.

"Now we are there, not because it is their fault, but because every single player, including me, is not playing their best.

"You expect a lot from them because they have energy and skill but it has not happened in the last few games.

"We have to react together with the older players like me, Igor, Nigel, and Stuart leading the way.

"Maybe we have more character at this moment.

"I am not making a criticism of anybody, but maybe two or three need to be more confident when we go 1-0 down.

"We need to work our socks off and do our job properly.

"If you want to become a good player, you need to be happy if people speak well of you but you have to keep a distance and think 'yes, now I deserve it - but I know in future if I don't repeat that, they will put me down.'

"You have got to be realistic, not fly with your brain, and realize that every game is a different story. "After 20 years' career maybe you can relax but not after one, or six months, or three games.

"But as I say, that is not a criticism of anyone in particular - when we don't win, it is everybody's fault."

Paolo admits that West Ham are in a real battle now, and he says:

"Once again we played very badly - it was a poor performance on saturday and I don't know what has happened.

"We have to realize we are in a real relegation battle now; I can't believe it, but that is the real situation.

"We need another win or two, because if we lose two or three in a row, and Coventry or Manchester City have two or three good results, then we are in big trouble.

"We have to open our eyes and wake up to that fact."