Code of Conduct

The Club is looking forward to safely welcoming fans back to London Stadium.

The health, safety and wellbeing of everyone attending West Ham United fixtures is always our top priority, so please take the time to read the following information and the accompanying matchday guide to ensure you are fully informed before travelling to London Stadium.

We ask that fans planning to attend West Ham United matches work with the Club and London Stadium and comply with the guidelines in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, help football to continue to hold matches with supporters present and ensure a safe and enjoyable return for all.

COVID-19 - London Stadium Code of Conduct

To help us create a safe environment for everyone attending or working at the fixture, by attending you are agreeing to comply to the following code of conduct:

1. Do not attend the match if you, or any of your household, have shown any COVID-19 symptoms in the last 14 days. This includes, but is not limited to, a temperature of 37.5 degrees or above, a new continuous cough, a loss of sense of taste or smell. If you have symptoms, please follow Government guidance  

2. The Club and London Stadium require the details of those attending the match. You must be the named supporter on the ticket and any supporters aged 16 or over may be asked to provide photographic identification before entering the ground. If your photo ID check is not validated, you will not be permitted entry. If the photo ID provided does not match the person in attendance, the purchaser of the ticket and/or the person in attendance will be subject to the Club’s and London Stadium’s sanctions policy.

Successful ballot applicants will be sent their ticket via email to be downloaded onto a mobile device or printed at home. For this fixture, there will be no opportunity to forward or exchange the ticket, and no paper tickets will be printed, in line with Sports Ground Safety Authority guidance.

3. If you are allocated a ticket for a match at the stadium, you will be required to complete a health questionnaire, as well as download the NHS Covid App on your phone and scan into the London Stadium QR code before you enter the site. All attendees are required to provide this information and tickets will only become active upon provision of the relevant information.

4. The health questionnaire must be completed upon allocation of your ticket in the ballot, and then completed again to reconfirm your answers 24 hours before the game. Failure to complete the health questionnaire will result in your ticket being blocked.

5. As per Premier League guidance, temperature checks will be mandatory for adults. Anyone who returns a temperature reading of above 37.5 degrees Celsius on three separate occasions will be excluded from attending for the safety of everyone.

6. You must observe social distancing at all times, including on the way to and from the stadium, as well as during the match. If travelling by public transport, please make sure you are complying with government and public transport operator guidelines and regulations.

7. Any supporter over the age of 11 must wear a face covering at all times in the following areas:

  • External areas on bridges 
  • External concourses
  • Turnstiles
  • Internal concourses / walkways
  • Toilets
  • Stands
  • Seating Areas 
  • Staircases / landings  In hospitality – lounges, escalators, toilets and all circulation areas 

8. The only time you do not need to wear a face covering is when eating or drinking. 

9. If you are medically exempt from wearing a face covering under Government guidelines, you do not have to wear one, but you may wish to use one of the Government resources to demonstrate this, including the use of a GP letter and or hidden disabilities card and lanyard. Any exemptions shall be made known to the Club in advance of attending a match.

10. You are responsible for your own health. Act in ways that protect your health and the health of others and avoid acting in a way that might risk the health of fellow supporters, the Club or stadium staff, and any others affected by these acts or omissions. Any deliberate acts which risk further spread of COVID may be reported to police.

11. To help reduce queuing time and help us to maintain social distancing, we would encourage supporters to avoid bringing bags where possible.

Juniors (under 16s) must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Stewards will request any children or young people moving around the ground return to the adult in charge of them.

12. Whilst inside the stadium, always observe social distancing and avoid close contact with those not in your social or support bubble. As a minimum, always ensure you are one metre away from other people and take necessary mitigating measures.

13. If you purchase food and soft drinks in the stadium, please take them directly to your seat to allow for easier movement around the concourse. Always remain in your designated location where possible. Do not share food or drink with anybody.

14. You must only sit in the seat allocated to you on your ticket – do not move to any other location even if there are other members of your household present.

15. If you do need to leave your seat or area, wait until the area is as clear as possible before doing so. If passing other supporters in the seating rows, please avoid face-to-face contact.

16. We encourage all fans to stay in your seats as much as possible throughout the duration of the game.

17. Wash your hands frequently using the hand sanitiser or soap provided. Please avoid touching your face, handles or railings where possible.

18. Please avoid hugs, high-fives, handshakes and any close contact with people not in your bubble.

19. In the event that you develop COVID-19 symptoms whilst at the stadium, please notify the nearest member of staff immediately so they can follow the correct health and safety protocols.

20. If at any point during the match you are unable to avoid touching the match ball if it is kicked out of play and into the stands, please refrain from throwing it directly back on to the pitch. A member of staff will collect the ball in order to sanitise it.

21. Please follow instructions from stewards and club staff at all times. Particularly during pre- match, half time and after the final whistle.

22. By not complying to this Code of Conduct, you are jeopardising public health and the continuation of football with supporters in attendance. Any breaches of the code will be dealt with in the strongest possible terms.

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.