Apply to join the Supporter Advisory Board

West Ham United is delighted to announce that new applications have now officially opened for the 2017/18 Supporter Advisory Board (SAB).

The SAB is the primary link between supporters and the West Ham United Board, ensuring that the voice of the fans is heard at the highest level on the subjects that matter most.

A close relationship between the Club and supporters is of crucial importance to the Board, and the SAB format will continue to grow and develop in order to ensure that all sections of our diverse fanbase are represented.

Vice-Chairman Karren Brady says: “The West Ham United Supporter Advisory Board has evolved into a hugely positive and integral element of our football club since its inception. 

“The direct and regular contact between the board and the fans has been proven to be a successful formula and we look forward to developing it even further this year. 

“I would like to sincerely thank every member of the 2016/17 SAB for their dedication, support and commitment on behalf of their fellow West Ham United supporters last season. 

“Their involvement played a crucial role in helping us to make great progress and improvements during our inaugural campaign at London Stadium, and had given us a fantastic platform to build upon and continue doing all we can to make the supporter experience as rewarding as possible for our fans.”

Last season saw four meetings held at London Stadium, with the Fan Feedback Forum in September, two SAB meetings in January and May respectively, and the introduction of the Disabled Supporter Advisory Board in April.

The 2016/17 members represented a number of diverse fan groups but also focused heavily on spectator sections within London Stadium, as part of the objective to address early issues at the stadium on matchdays and aim for constant improvement.

The group helped advise and guide on a number of key initiatives, including how to bring stewards closer to the West Ham family, the development of Supporter Liaison Officers and the creation of the DSAB.

At these meetings, we also set our mission; working together to develop and maintain a positive relationship and create the best supporter experience for all West Ham United fans and we would like to thank all of our supporters for their valued contribution throughout the 2016/17 season.

To ensure we build on the success of these meetings we have decided to increase the number of meetings to three SABs and three DSABs for 2017/2018, making it a total of six meetings between the Board and supporters for the upcoming season.

The first DSAB and SAB meetings for the 2017/18 season are scheduled as follows:

Disabled Supporter Advisory Board – Tuesday 5 September 2017 at 6pm, London Stadium.

Supporter Advisory Board – Tuesday 17 October 2017 at 6pm, London Stadium.

Why should I apply for the SAB?

This is a unique opportunity to work directly alongside fellow supporters and the Board to enhance the supporter experience for all West Ham fans. The agenda for each meeting is crafted based on the submissions received by supporters, with clear action points agreed collectively on the night and minutes published on

We're a team both on and off the pitch, so if you're a West Ham United fan with a passion for working together and you feel you can represent the  views of your fellow supporters, then apply today!

Who do you wish to represent?

It has always been our aspiration that the SAB would evolve to have more members who represent a larger group or section of the overall fanbase. Those members will then be tasked with bringing forward the two or three core issues for the agenda that are specific to the group that they represent with a view to reaching a consensus for the years agenda for the Club to focus on and invest in as necessary, along with the various day to day issues that may crop up. There are a maximum of 25 members on the SAB, so please ensure you express key examples of the role you play in representing the category you have chosen. 

We are excited to be inviting new applicants to represent, share and discuss the views of our supporters in the following areas:

  • Youth (under 25)
  • Senior (over 65)
  • Women
  • Supporters Clubs UK
  • Supporters Clubs International
  • Non-geographical Supporters Clubs (e.g. minority or representative groups)
  • 1966 Season Ticket Holders
  • Season Ticket Holders from each stand
  • Away match-goers
  • Families
  • Club London (Bars)
  • Club London (Lounges) 

Please choose the category you feel you could represent on the SAB 2017/2018 and complete the online or postal application form below:

Online application form

Postal application form

Please note that, as part of the application process, the Equal Opportunities section must also be completed and submitted in full. Failure to return this section of the form will unfortunately result in the application being void.

All applications should be received no later than September 15 at 5pm and all applicants will be notified by email whether their application has been successful or unsuccessful.