The Big Interview

Alex Song is nearing a first-team comeback as two former Barcelona teammates prepare to visit the Boleyn Ground

Alex Song has been working immensely hard on his fitness after a spell out injured following summer surgery.

The midfielder is nearing a first-team comeback as two former Barcelona teammates prepare to visit the Boleyn Ground with Chelsea on Saturday.

Song spoke to ahead of another London derby, with West Ham United seeking to continue their outstanding start to the Barclays Premier League season.

Alex, you know many of the Chelsea squad and they are better than eleventh in the table, surely?

“They had a very bad start this season, but it doesn’t mean they have lost all the quality in their team. They won their last game at home and will come here trying to get a good result,

“We are in good spirits as well, so we don’t want to lose any points. This is a very big game, Chelsea have very good players, and if we play like we are playing away, then we have nothing to worry about and we can continue to improve at this time.”

When you decided to return to West Ham, you must have seen a stronger squad, but did you expect us to be this strong?

“I have been watching the guys and they are doing very well. I think we are stronger and the way we are playing is fantastic football. We just have to play the same way we are playing away, at home, because it is not very good to drop points at home.

“It is very important to get the points at home. When I watch the guys play, I want to come back to help them, because at the age of 28 this is the first time in my career that I have a bad injury. In ten years, I didn’t have anything.

“I just want to help the Club and bring my play and my fitness. I’m very happy with the way we are playing and with my progress, so now I am just waiting to come back to the pitch.”

Are you genuinely excited to be part of a West Ham team playing with such style?

“Yes, I am! I am looking forward a lot to coming back to play alongside Lanzini, Payet, Noble, Cheikhou, Diaf and the whole squad!

“We are playing the football I like to play and I am very happy. It will be a pleasure to come back and join the guys, because they are playing the way I like to play.

“I am very happy to be here and see them play that way. I want to come back and for us to enjoy our football together.”

This Saturday, we welcome your former Barcelona teammates Cesc Fabregas and Pedro to the Boleyn Ground. What threat will they bring?

“Cesc is one of the best midfielders in the world. He is a very clever guy. When you give him room, he can give good final balls to the striker for them to finish. We know Chelsea have top quality players and we have to work hard to stop them.

“Pedro is an unbelievable player and one the best players in the world in his position. When I was in Barcelona I spent two years with him and he is a fantastic player. The way he plays, we have to be careful because he is very quick, he can turn left or right, he has good vision and he scores a lot of goals.

“We have to be focused and play very well and not give any room to anyone. We are in a very good place at the moment and we have to work hard and not make any mistakes, because if we do one mistake, we will be punished.”