Opposition view: Manchester United

Manchester United blog TheRepublikOfMancunia.com writer Scott the Red gives whufc.com the lowdown on a disappointing season for his side.

Wednesday night saw Manchester United through to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. How much of a boost could that be for the rest of the season?

StR: "I can't imagine that getting battered by Bayern Munich is going to be much of a boost, to be honest. It might give the players a bit more self-belief, as coming back from a 2-0 defeat in the first leg was a pretty tough task."

Sam Allardyce has said that we shouldn't be surprised that this has been a season of transition for Manchester United - but are you surprised that they haven't been challenging more closely at the top?

StR: "Everyone expected a season of transition. United haven't finished outside of the top three for more than two decades, so finishing fourth would have been acceptable, with the squad Moyes inherited. But there's no excuse for finishing below the likes of Everton. We bought one of their best players and they too should be in transition with a new manager and coaching staff. What has happened at United is very surprising and whilst Allardyce is probably being kind to Moyes, no one can seriously suggest that a seventh-placed finish is unsurprising."

How much support is there for David Moyes among the fans and will Wednesday's result help in that regard?

StR: "In the ground, both home and away, United fans have vocally supported Moyes. The number of fans doing that has decreased over the past few weeks but there hasn't been booing or public lack of support. Discussions in pubs and on Twitter don't mirror that though."

You could have a couple of former Hammers on show in Rio Ferdinand and Michael Carrick. How have they fared for you this season?

StR: "Both have been poor. Carrick was one of our most important players last season but has struggled this year. Rio looks like he's on his last legs now. Both have had fantastic careers with United though."

Manchester United comfortably defeated West Ham 3-1 at Old Trafford earlier this season - do you expect the Hammers to put up more of a fight this time around?

StR: "Only Arsenal and Spurs have picked up more points away from home than United this season, whilst West Ham don't have a great home record. But West Ham tend to do fairly well against United."

What is your prediction for the game?

StR: "2-1 to Manchester United."