Dressed for success

West Ham United have been making waves around the world recently because of a unique outfit worn by American singer Katy Perry - and the club has responded to huge demand by commissioning a limited run for sale to fans.

The 25-year-old hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards ceremony on 5 November and stole the show in Berlin by sporting a revealing claret and blue outfit made from three West Ham replica home shirts. Perry's basque featured two club crests, while her hot pants were adorned with the name 'Rusty' in honour of her Hammers-supporting boyfriend, Russell Brand.

The woman responsible for dressing Perry in such an unforgettable outfit, which was seen by millions of TV viewers around the world, was freelance celebrity stylist and costume designer Siobhan Dillon. She had the kits supplied to her by the club. "I thought it would be cool to try and make the shirt as football-oriented as possible," she said.

"So, I used the collars along the top of the brassiere and used the two badges on the front. I had a team of three girls working with me on the outfit. It was made entirely from the three shirts, but we had to take the Airtex out and replace it with some lining."

Dillon is set to produce a limited range for West Ham United fans. An initial run of 50 will be made and sold through the club stores. They will cost £300 each and will be available by pre-order only.

Size and payment will need to be confirmed in advance. Anyone pre-ordering before 20 November will be guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas. Anyone wanting to pre-order for Valentine's Day will have to do so before the end of December.

For more information on the club stores, click here