Cole fired up for Spurs

Carlton Cole is relishing the chance to play Tottenham Hotspur in the Barclays Asia Trophy as he is hoping to go some way towards avenging last season's Premier League defeats.

West Ham United will face their London rivals in what will be the first home game of the new season on 23 August, but for now Cole is just focusing on trying to beat Tottenham for a place in the final of the prestigious pre-season tournament being staged in Beijing. The winners will meet either Hull City or Beijing Guoan on Friday night, with a play-off held before to decide the third-placed team.

The England striker said: "It is strange to have come all the way to China to play them, but we are really looking forward to it and we really want to win.

"It is going to be great playing them here. There is always a lot of passion and emotions in these games for us and for our fans. Wednesday will be no different.

"Last season they beat us twice and I can tell you, we were not happy about that. So the aim is to get off to a good start here in this pre-season game and then look to continue this with a good start in the new season."

The 25-year-old striker, who scored ten league goals last season, said he was well aware of the expectation on him and the club.

"A London derby is always a special thing between Tottenham and West Ham. The rivalry is always going to be there. I have had a few fans when I was back in London saying that we have got to win this game. It is a very special experience for everybody that is connected with the clubs on both sides. Tottenham are going to want to beat us, especially as they did the double over us last year ,and it will be a good time to start to win games against them.

"I think we are going to present ourselves well. It is going to be a competitive game. We are going to have a lot of fans to help the atmosphere. We are going to try and play fairly and positively, and give the Chinese audience a good spectacle to watch."

As well as looking forward to the action starting on the pitch, Cole has been amazed at the welcome the Chinese have given the team since their arrival on Monday morning and says how he wants to win the trophy with West Ham, just like he did with Chelsea back in 2003.

"When I first came here, to Asia, I thought it was a great experience then and now coming to China, it is the same. We received a fantastic welcome, it has just been amazing. The conditions are different, it is humid but you just have to adapt. The reason we are here is to play football in a country like this for West Ham and let them see what the Premier League is about.

"I don't think people realise just how big the Premier League is, how well known it is around the world, not until you come to a place like this.

"They know your name and everything, I was thinking, 'how the hell do they know me?' But it is because so many people here are tuning in to watch our matches in the Premier League. I mean, when we arrived at the airport, people were greeting us and congratulating us, knew our names. It was quite overwhelming really, but I can tell you, all the boys appreciate that - it was really something.

"I want to try and take in everything about China, I want to experience the culture of the country, and it's exciting to be here."

While Cole is looking to make the experience a lasting one in every way, taking the trophy back to east London is certainly the main motivation.

"I won the trophy with Chelsea and I definitely want to win it again with West Ham. It will be something special and a great way to start the season if we can do this."