Chairman excited about new season

While the majority of those associated with West Ham United's nerves were jangling going into the final do-or-die game of the season at Old Trafford, Chairman Eggert Magnusson admitted feeling unusually calm.

"Obviously there were a lot of nerves over the weekend and coming into the game but I felt after half an hour that it would be our day," he said. "It's strange - sometimes you are so emotional in these games but you feel okay, it's going to be our day and it was.

"When we came in at half-time Wigan had made it 2-1 with a penalty in about the 50th minute of the first half, they played a lot of injury time. We had to hold on, that was for sure.

"But I was very calm, I don't know why, I have no explanation but it happens sometimes that you just get a feeling it will be okay."

Having beaten Manchester United to claim a seventh win in nine games and guarantee Premiership status next season, Hammers still came in for plenty of criticism. But Mr Magnusson says: "Who out there can say that West Ham didn't do this on merit? We did the double over Arsenal and Manchester United and I'm told we are the first team to do this in 30 years.

"So don't tell me that anybody can say we didn't do this on merit, we did it on merit. I have been disappointed that Alan Curbishley, who for me is one of the best managers in English football, and all the great players we have here at West Ham United haven't had the credit they deserve, because this finish was something spectacular and deserves a place in history. I feel they deserved a lot more credit for the great achievement."

Mr Magnusson is already looking ahead to next season and planning the future with Curbs. "We had a long meeting to start discussing next season, " he said. "We are looking forward to next season. The team did very well this year but we still want to strengthen our team.

"Alan has gone on holiday for a few days and I hope he doesn't think one second about football, he needs to switch off! We will sit down next week also and start preparing for next season.

"West Ham United are a sleeping giant and I want to awaken that giant slowly but surely and, over the next year or two, achieve some positive things at Upton Park."

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