Collins ready for a recall

After missing much of the season with a troublesome groin injury, James Collins is back to full fitness and bursting to get back in the side.

"I've been itching to get out there for ages now," he said. "As soon as I'd had the operation a couple of months ago and everything was sorted I've been busting to get out there. Hopefully on Sunday if I'm asked to play I can go out there and do a good job."

James admitted it has been hard watching the Hammers' season unfold from the sidelines.

"It's been frustrating, knowing that I can't do anything," he said. "It's been a bit of a nightmare season for me, on and off with injuries. Hopefully, fingers crossed, now that I've had the operation on my groin, everything's sorted and I can play for the rest of the season and maybe make a difference."

"The last couple of weeks haven't been very good. It's been a bit embarrassing really and Tottenham are on fire beating people four or five nil so we know it's going to be a tough game.

"But we've trained really well this week and everyone looks sharp and ready for the game. Everyone knows how well we can play so hopefully we can put in a performance that shows what we can do. It's probably the biggest game of the season at Upton Park and all the boys are ready for the battle."

Contrary to recent press speculation, James added: "Everyone's behind the manager. I've never been at a club where there has been so much press.

"There has been all sorts in the papers about cliques here and there but the boys are 100% together. We've got to start playing for each other and showing people that we are together by playing good football.

"All the boys know how good every single player is here and whoever goes out there on Sunday has to go out there and show it. If everyone can play as well as we did in this fixture last season then we can get a result, for the fans more than anything."