Confirmation of released players

West Ham United has confirmed the list of players to be released following the end of their contracts this summer.

The following six professionals have been released:

Lionel Scaloni
Darren Blewitt
Trent McClenahan
Petr Mikolanda
Sekou Baradji
Matthew Reed

Two third-year Academy scholars have been released:

Darren Behcet
Jemal Henry

Six second year Academy scholars have been released:

Ryan Andrews
David Cowley
Liam White
Ishmael Welsh
Densal Davidson
Eren Kemal

Meanwhile, the following 10 school-leavers are to be taken on in July as first year Academy scholars:

Tom Harvey
Jordan Spence
Bondz Ngala
Robbie Blackwell
Ben Hunt
Ashley Miller
Ryan O'Neill
Junior Stanislas
Fred Sears
Gary Bowes