Priority Points

Priority Point Reminder

Due to the number of Priority Point Applications being received the deadline for future applications may now be bought forward by 1 or 2 days depending on the anticipated demand for that particular fixture: this ensures sufficient time is given to prepare for processing.

When applying for Away Match tickets using the Priority Point method would supporters please note that due to the number being received applications are now to be received no later than 10.00am on the day advertised.

Applications are then sorted in point order in preparation for being processed the following day.

Priority Point Applications - How it Works

It is the Ticket Office's priority to ensure those that travel most regularly receive priority when applying for Away Match tickets.

Since the start of Season 2001-02 the Priority Points system has been used for the sale of Match tickets for every League and Cup fixture.

Applications should be received by close the day before the advertised date, the date shown is the day the applications are actually processed.

Tickets are posted to the lead Client Reference numbers name and address.

Applications received with multiple Client Reference numbers and various numbers of points will be filed from the lowest points total, i.e. if an application is for 2 tickets and one client has 4 points and the other zero points, this will count as a zero point application.

Due to the above, please be aware that when applying for certain high demand fixtures with Season Ticket Holders with less points than yourself, this may hinder your chance of obtaining tickets.

Tickets will not be held when dealing with applications showing either incorrect credit card details or unauthorised payment. Please ensure all details are correct and sufficient funds are available before applying.

When and How you get Points

On providing their Client Reference number, each Season Ticket Holder should be allocated 1 point each time they purchase an Away Ticket.

Please assist the Operator and fellow Supporters that are maybe queuing behind you either at the counter or on the telephone by having all relevant Client Reference numbers to hand.

If purchasing tickets once on General Sale, please ensure the Operator is aware that you are Season Ticket Holders, points cannot be assigned at a later date.

A Season Ticket Holders' Points Total will include any Away Match they purchased tickets for during the previous season, i.e. they currently include Season 2003-04. During the close season these will be removed leaving just Season 2004-05. Rolling over the previous season allows the Ticket Office to continue using the points system fairly at the start of the new season.