Ticket Information For Club Members

Club Members notice: Change to selling dates previously advertised

Manchester United - Sunday 27th Novembe, 4.00pm kick-off.
Newcastle United - Saturday 17th December, 3.00pm Kick-off.
Telephone bookings, Personal applications and Online bookings
Monday 10th October - 9.00am to 7.00pm (online 24 hours)

While we apologise for any inconvenience this change may cause our members we feel in order to make changes and improvements to the service offered during previous sales this change in dates has been necessary.

How to apply for tickets
Online - via www.whufc.com

Since the start of the season we have been aware that the introduction of the access control system has had an adverse effect on the e-tickets service. What was a simple process has been complicated by the necessity to apply for a Clubcard before being able to purchase tickets. Using some of the comments passed to us from supporters changes will soon have been made and we hope supporters would notice improvements and a simpler, more user-friendly service when applying online.       

While it will still be necessary to enter either a Clubcard number or a name and address for a new supporter against each seat being purchased this will now be at the same point as when purchasing seats, it is no longer two separate procedures. 

Personal callers - During opening hours from the Stadium Ticket Office or our store in Lakeside. 

Telephone bookings - 0870 112 2700

While to cover what will undoubtedly be a very busy period both additional staff and hours have been arranged. Due to the anticipated numbers of callers we would still expect delays in reaching an operator. As a result you may wish to consider the option below.  

Postal applications

Should Club Members wish to apply in advance of the above date they may do so using a Postal application to be received by the Ticket Office no later then Monday 26th September. 

All postal applications received by the 26th September will be processed in order or when received over the period Tuesday 27th September to Friday 7th October. The advance cut off date has been necessary to ensure sufficient time to process the bookings received before all other methods of application are accepted.    

When applying by post please clearly state both the name and Clubcard holder of each supporter or if applying for tickets for a guest previously unregistered, the name and address of that person. We would also recommend that when applying for tickets by post you allow for both a first and second choice. 

Should tickets remain after sales to Club Members a general sale will take place from Tuesday 1st November.