Hammers Live On Sky

HAMMERS fans will be able to watch their heroes live on Sky Sports at least six times this season, with Sky announcing their live coverage of matches for the first half of the coming season.

Alan Pardew's team have been confirmed to feature in six live games.

Live on Sky Sports

Monday 12th Sep 2005  West Ham United v Aston Villa, 8.00pm kick-off

Sunday 16th Oct 2005    Manchester City v West Ham United, 4.00pm kick-off

Sunday 27th Nov 2005   West Ham United v Manchester United, 4.00pm kick-off

Monday 5th Dec 2005   Birmingham City v West Ham United, 8.00pm kick-off

Live on Premiership Plus

Saturday 1st Oct 2005   Sunderland v West Ham United, 5:15pm kick-off

Monday 2nd Jan 2006   West Ham United v Chelsea, 12:45pm kick-off