Intel Advertorial

And get all the football you need

I'm on the go. So when Saturday comes and the halftime scores are flooding in, where am I?
Well, wherever I am, my laptop featuring Intel® Centrino® mobile technology always goes with me.
Because all I need is a Wi-Fi hotspot and I'm hooked up to the Internet instantly. I get all the latest in football: news, replays, interviews, previews and half-time scores.
You name it and I'll already be watching it - wherever I am* - while my mates are still stuck at home.
Don't be.
Just make sure you get the one bit of football kit you really need: a laptop with Intel Centrino mobile technology built-in.

Why is Intel® Centrino mobile technology the footie fans' favourite?

• Comes ready to hook up to Wi-Fi hotspots - so you can follow the footie on the move
• Enables thinner and lighter laptop designs - making it easy to carry
• Enables great battery life - so you don't need to rush home at half time