Christian: A Great Signing

Christian Dailly reckons that the signing of Malky Mackay will be of great benefit to West Ham - and can't wait to get fit and play alongside him.

"I think it is a good signing; Malky will give you that bit of experience at the back and he is a good talker as well as player as I know from having played with him for Scotland," he says.

"He is a very good all-round defender who chips in with goals from set pieces as well; he has a great attitude and is the type of guy you want to have at your club.

"He was captain of Norwich and I was really surprised he wasn't playing this season because he is such a good player - but it is a good move for him and us.

"He has got decent enough pace, he is big and strong, he wins his headers and is no-nonsense.

"He has been around for quite a while with Norwich, but he is still only 32 and with the way he has looked after himself I would say he has quite a number of good years left in him.

"With people like myself being out for quite a bit I think it was important to keep trying to strengthen the team.

"We have Calum Davenport as well, who is young, and with people like Malky and Andy Melville there is plenty of experience to help him out."

As for his own recovery from a knee operation, he says:

"I am fine, about as good as I could be, to be honest; I am still a good couple of months away but I am doing loads of swimming and gym work, so I am in pretty good shape.

"I just want to make sure I get it absolutely right because when I get back I want to be flying and not break down."

Christian will again be supporting the players in person at Sheffield and he adds:

"I am confident, as I always am if we approach the game right and pressurise the other team to stop them playing.

"We will have to do that against Sheffield because it is never an easy place to go and it will be a real tough game."