Alan - A Good Reaction

Alan Pardew is pleased that the players reacted well after the disappointment at QPR with a winning return to action against Stoke to mark the end of his first year in charge at the club.

"We were playing a top 10 side but we bounced back in the right manner and it was nice to get two goals because we have been struggling for them," he says.

"We were very disappointed by Saturday, not just me as manager but the players, and I could see that; it hasn't always been the case at this club.

"Now we are set up for Saturday and another three points then, if we can get them."

Looking at his first 12 months in charge, he says:

"I've been here a year, and what's happened since then is that we have no players looking over their shoulder at the Premiership, thinking that they should be playing there; we have got a team that want to play for West Ham and they are desperate to do well.

"We do not play great all the time, but we are having a go at it, we showed a bit of quality against Stoke, and I'm hoping that will continue."

"I am not going to say it hasn't been a tough year - there have been a lot of changes at the club with personnel and also psychological change in terms of the training ground.

"We have a good work ethic amongst these players but we haven't been able to buy Premiership ones, though we have people that will hopefully emerge into them.

"We all know this is a big club - but there are other big clubs in this division.

"I think the manner in which West Ham got relegated was a real blow for everyone and on top of that the fans watched an indifferent year where we were trying to knit together a team that could get promoted - we lost in the playoffs and it was another real kick in the teeth.

"Finally now we should put that to bed - we are a Championship team trying to get back to the Premiership.

"We haven't got an abundance of riches, but we have got some very good players still, and some of the players showed that in their performance against Stoke."