Peter Impressed

Peter Grant reckons that QPR's sequence of back-to-back wins will prove to be a unique achievement.

"I don't think anybody in this division will win six games on the bounce again - there is no doubt about it, that is a fantastic achievement," he says.

"If you said at the start of the season that someone was going to do that you would probably think they were going to win the Championship.

"They had a bit of a dodgy start but to go on and do what they did is impressive, and I went to see them last week against Coventry when they did excellently.

"They have been together a while so they know each other and Cureton and Furlong have been doing well; Furlong has been doing a lot of the donkey work and Cureton has been getting the headlines with the goals.

"It will be a great atmosphere because it is a tight pitch and the combination of us always being a big attraction anyway and them winning six on the bounce means it has the makings of a very good game.

"That said, I don't mind if it is an awful one if we won it!"

Peter has been impressed by those players that were not away for their countries during international week and he adds:

"They have been working very hard and their attitude has been first class - that is great credit to them, and long may that continue."