Steve: We're In It Together

Steve Lomas is calling on the side to score more goals to boost the promotion bid - and insists it is a collective responsibility.

Looking at the yield of one point from two away games, he says:

"We thought we were a bit unfortunate at Plymouth - but you have to kill teams off, and we needed the second goal.

"At Cardiff we defended very poorly, and when we gave the goals away that we did it doesn't matter who you are playing.

"The defence has been pretty steady most of the season and haven't conceded too many goals, so you just have to put it down to an off day.

"It was a shock to the system; as much as we were disappointed with Plymouth, we felt that we could go and get three points at Cardiff to kick on for the QPR game - but it was very much a kick in the behind."

Analysing the discrepancy between the home and the away results, he adds:

"I can't really tell the reasons; if you look at the games there have been quite a few individual errors - which you can't account for.

"That, on top of us not scoring many to give us the chance of winning games, is another concern.

"It is a collective responsibility and we are not making the chances, so it is something we have all got to look at.

"If you are not scoring a great deal of goals it puts a great deal of pressure on the defence - and maybe for once it showed on Tuesday night.

"We have known what the problems are all season - a lack of goals and lack of away performances."

Steve says that Wigan, despite being unbeaten at the top, are far from out of sight, and adds:

"Of course they can still be caught because there is still a monster number of points to play for.

"But it doesn't matter about anyone else when you perform as we did on Tuesday night - you have got to look at yourself, and that is plain and simple.

"QPR is a big game for us after the disappointment of Tuesday and hopefully we can respond in the right way.

"There is no two ways about it - we need a good performance on Saturday for fans who have been so good to us."