Mattie: I'm Getting There

Matthew Etherington says that come next week he will be firing on all cylinders after his recent injury problems.

Mattie recovered remarkably quickly from an innovative groin operation recently only to sustain an ankle injury, and he says:

"I am getting there; I am still a little bit unfit and I did come back maybe a little bit ealier than anticipated but that is good because I want to play football - I think in another couple of games I should be back."

Mattie feels that justice was not done at Plymouth on Saturday when West Ham drew 1-1 and he explains:

"We should beat those sort of teams but the officials were poor - they didn't give us anything and we had to play against them as well as Plymouth Argyle, to be honest.

"There were a few dubious offsides and we have to deal with things like that - big West Ham going to the underdogs who they think needed a bit of help, and they gave that to them.

"Marlon's one wasn't offside - it as simple as that; these are the things that make the difference between winning and drawing.

"We played all right in the first half while they played one way, which was just getting the ball forward as quickly as possible, but you just have to deal with that - which we did for the majority of the game.

"But we conceded an unfortunate goal towards the end and we were disappointed with only a point.

"The results went pretty well for us on Saturday and as long as we keep winning our home games and picking up points away I think we will be all right - but I think we have to pick up a few away wins as well.

"We played well at Chelsea, who are a great side and very good at what they do.

"Plymouth was a completely different kind of game but we have got to get back to Championship football now - and if we want to be playing games against the likes of Chelsea every week we have to be beating teams like Plymouth."