Rob: We Must Bounce Back

Rob Lee says there is no point the players feeling sorry for themselves after the defeat by West Brom on Saturday.

The defeat, West Ham's first home reverse of the season, ended a five match league sequence of draws.

Had West Ham gained a point on Saturday, it would have been the first time West Ham drew six on the spin since...well, have a guess, and the answer is at the bottom of the page.

As for Rob, even with such a long and distinguished career as he has had, he has never been involved in such a defeat.

"I have never played in a game that went from 3-0 up to 4-3 defeat - and I don't want to play in any more either," he says.

"It is a long break now but that is life and you have got to get over these things - there is no point moping around.

"The result is over and we have just got to get on to the next game."

He insists a good run can get things back on track, and adds:

"The gap is closable, of course it is - all we need is a run of two or three wins.

"We know we are a good team but we have had some bad luck - as well as some bad play on Saturday - and we can bounce back."

Looking at Saturday more specifically, he adds:

"It started very, very well and unfortunately we let a silly goal in and did the same old thing, not controlling the game when we should have been.

"At 3-0 up you would expect West Ham to win the game, going on to get four or five - but unfortunately when they got that first goal the confidence seemed to go a little bit.

"Although they got a fantastic second the sending off certainly didn't help us.

"If you had a second look at it you would probably say Jermain didn't touch him but I think when someone is lunging in like that there is always a danger he is going to get red carded.

"If you catch him or not, if both feet leave the ground there is that risk; he made a meal of it - but unfortunately that is life.

"It was very difficult when they got it to 3-3 and they were putting pressure on us - we didn't want to let in the fourth goal but it happened.

"At 4-3 there was no coming back really; we were just trying to hoof the ball up to Brian Deane to get something - but it wasn't to be."

And the answer to the teaser about six draws on the trot in the league?