In For The Kill?

Trevor Brooking says he shares Alan Pardew's delight at the win over Nottingham Forest - and hopes the side can now go on and develop a 'killer' instinct.

"There was a good reaction from the Ipswich performance," he says.

He admits, though, he would have been more relaxed if the second goal had come somewhat earlier after Marlon Harewood's sixth minute strike and adds:

"Sometimes at the moment we get one ahead and it is almost like we try and hang on to that, but I think we have to get a mentality where we think 'that is the first, let's go on and get a second or a third' because we have to make ourselves really strong and positive.

"Sometimes in the Premiership we have got a goal ahead and thought we have got to hang on to it, but we have got to believe that we are better than that."

Trevor holds out hope for automatic promotion and adds:

"We showed against Forest in spells that there are good individuals who are capable of getting a run together to get us in those top two places.

"So it is just a case of trying to get two or three wins in succession which will make the difference.

"We had plenty of chances against Ipswich but we got 1-0 up, then - was it a penalty or not? - it goes to 1-1 and it sends that negative vibe and a concern around the ground at home that we could lose, which we promptly did."

West Ham, as Trevor acknowledges, drew a fair few games under him and that pattern continued when Alan Pardew took over.

In fact West Ham have drawn, along with Coventry, more games at 11 than anyone else in the division - and indeed Britain - and Trevor adds:

"We had a succession of drawing games and you look at the week before with Wigan and Stoke - sometimes a loss and a win is better than two decent draws, but what we want to get on is a string of wins if we can.

"We have won five out of 13 at home which is probably as poor as anyone in the top 10, so that is where we have to make it more of a fortress at Upton Park."