Dailly Disappointed

Christian Dailly says that he was disappointed by Laurent Robert's actions in trying to get Ian Pearce sent off at St. James' Park last Saturday.

Robert waved an imaginary card as he went down under Pearce's innocuous challenge late in the game, knowing that Ian had already been shown a yellow.

Christian rushed up to defend his team mate and remonstrate with Robert, and says: "That is what seems to happen in football. People make a meal of things and it is annoying, but what can you do? You have to deal with it."

Christian does not even believe it should have been a free-kick and adds: "What gets me is that he won a foul. The referee tries to stamp that kind of thing out, just falling over - but as long as they keep getting away with it, it will keep happening."

Christian says the game should have been won by the break and adds: "We could have been five up but we conceded a bad goal just before half time and another early in the second half.

"The game became a bit open then and it is disappointing, from having the game in the bag and playing so well, we conceded bad goals and we didn't take more chances."

It is some time since West Ham lost two on the trot, but that, following the defeat at Arsenal as well, is what the team have to put behind them for the last game of the season, and he adds: "It was obviously disappointing to lose that game as well. They are a good side but there were some good points from that game.

"It is just annoying we have lost these last two games - but we can still get that seventh spot back, though we have to rely on another result as well.

"We have had two hard games away and for large spells of them we have played really well, but we have just got to get a wee bit more solid when we concede a goal.

"As a team we tend to go a little bit cavalier, as if we were at home, and we just have to be a bit more solid."