Dj Loves The Armband

David James is thoroughly enjoying the responsibility of being captain of the Club at the moment.

Glenn Roeder, currently without his two regular captains - though they will return to action very soon - says of his custodial skipper: "David has captained the side in the absence of Steve Lomas and Paolo Di Canio and he will stay in that role at the moment.

"I have spoken to him quietly and he is very honoured about it, and has said the extra responsibility on his shoulders is not a handicap to him - in fact, if anything it gets him even more focused."

Despite a tough start to the season, Glenn is hopeful that things will continue to move in the right direction this campaign, and he says: "It is a different situation because all of us - and that is how it is at this football club, we and us - are stronger.

"I don't see why we shouldn't do at least as well as last season, but the points total went back to zero for us, we have the one point on the board now, and we are starting on that long journey again.

"We are no different from maybe 12 or 14 clubs that needs to get those points that everyone considers is required, which is normally 40 points, as soon as possible, with hopefully some games to spare to see where we can end up in the Premiership.

"I expect the season to be just as tough as it was last year. There are no easy games, and there are no easy seasons in the Premiership.

"The difference is from this time last year, whereas I didn't know what to expect, this time I do.

"You get to know your players, you get to know your squad, and you get to know what you think the players' capabilities are.

"Just as last season, when the fixture list gave us Liverpool away and Leeds at home, it gave us a really tough start with Newcastle away and Arsenal at home this time.

"It never gets any easier. You don't know what the season is going to throw up, and you have got to be able to face whatever comes your way, grow stronger, and hopefully as a team and a squad we can grow together.

"Hopefully I will become better, and hopefully the players will be able to as well - we keep a tight circle at the club and we are all in there running in the same direction."