Paolo: Let's Do It For Glenn

Paolo Di Canio has urged his team mates to produce a stirring performance against Newcastle - and put a smile on Glenn Roeder's face.
And he says it is time to turn frustration at the Hammers' lowly position into points on the board.
"I am sure we are going to win a few games," he says.
"I am not a magic man and don't have a crystal ball, but I am sure we will have a good result against Newcastle because we are very angry.
"Everybody is angry because we deserve a better position.
"It is better to win now and when we play the two games in hand we will be in a comfortable spot -if we win those we can fly into a dream position.
"We must get the points now and not think about the games in hand; it is better to take our target now.
"Now is the time to win and send a good message to the people, because they deserve satisfaction, not a season of panic.
"We have a squad to play well and I hope we can do it from Sunday because we have all the quality to do it.
"We have to do this for ourselves, Glenn, and the supporters."
He insists a newspaper report this week misrepresented his true feelings, and stresses:
"I didn't say we had to do this for ourselves and not for Glenn; he deserves more satisfaction because we haven't won yet.
"It is the time to give him a good game to let him work in a comfortable position, not maybe under pressure.
"Like us he is a little bit under pressure so now is the time to give him a more 'relaxed' week, or should I say 'confident' week, ahead of the Everton game.
"Every time I say something there is a polemic, which is a shame for me.
"I speak on behalf of the team and the supporters just to improve.
"My words, if you read them, are the words of someone who wants to play better.
"I do not want to destroy the atmosphere; if I say nothing it is because I am happy in this position.
"But I say something because I am not happy; if we were eighth in the table I would never say anything.
"Because we are at the bottom, it is the time to speak.
"It is better to prevent than cure and now is the right time to speak and to say something about what we can do.
"The manager knows this because he is the manager; he knows that we have to train hard and give something more because unfortunately we are in a bad position.
"I want to improve the team, not just me; I'm not worried, but it's not a very comfortable position.
"I would prefer to be up the table not at the bottom, but this is what has happened in the last few weeks.
"Of course we still have two games in hand which we would hope to win and get us up where we deserve.
"For quality I think we are better than many other clubs in the league and that is all I said.
"I didn't criticise anyone, not the players, nor the manager.
"We are all together and we have to improve, and we have to train.
"When you are at the bottom, whether it is unlucky or not, you have to try to train better and give something more because only by doing that can you improve.
"If you lose and you don't train hard you never improve so I am sure that we are going to train hard in the future.
"It is true that we can get out of this position - and this is what I said."