May 21 - Craig Holsgrove

Name: Craig Holsgrove

Lives: Rainham, Essex

Years Supporting West Ham: 16

Why Did You Begin Supporting West Ham: My mum always use to go in the 60s and 70s with my Grandad so she rubbed it in to me to become a claret and blue through and through.

What Was The First Match You Saw Live: The first match that I saw was against Oldham in 1993, I stood down the old North bank right at the front with my uncle.

Where Do You Watch Hammers Matches From: Sadly the Centenary upper, where there is hardly any atmosphere at all. I like to get up whenever the ball goes wide or over but I'm the only one who gets up and likes to sing a good old song. I think I'll sit somewhere with a bit more atmosphere next season..

Who Is Your Favourite All Time Hammer: Julian Dicks.

Who Is Your Favourite Current Hammer: Trevor Sinclair.

What Is Your Most Memorable Match: Our victory at Man United in the FA Cup this season, no doubt about it. I don't think that you'll get another match like that again for a while.

What Is Your Most Memorable Goal: Di Canio's volley against Wimbledon last season. I wish I was there but I had to do with watching it on Sky.

What Is The Best Thing About Supporting West Ham: Watching very entertaining football and I just love them through and through, also the history always makes you happy then disappointed but everything about West Ham makes me so happy.

What Is The Worst Thing About Supporting West Ham: Having to see us lose to small clubs in the cups a few seasons ago and having to wait ages to see us win something major.

What Is Your All Time Memory as a Hammers Fan: Man United in the FA Cup, I still can't believe that I went all the way up to Manchester on my own and actually see us beat the mancs at Old Trafford when they wanted to do the double. Also, seeing Paolo score down our end and sending me into hyper mode.