Cheapest In London!

Commercial director Stuart Ryan is hoping the new development will encourage even more youngsters to visit Upton Park on a regular basis this season - with a child season ticket costing less than any other Premiership club in London.
"The chairman of the club has always prided himself on trying to make the club accessible for children and families in particular," he says.
"We come out as the cheapest Premiership club for kids in London at £110; needless to say that is why we end up with the fantastic Junior Hammers support.
"The second cheapest for children is Fulham and their price of £114 is for terrace access as opposed to seating.
"Most of the other clubs in the capital are around £200, so I think we are delivering fantastic value for money for kids."
Time is running out, meanwhile, for those wishing to hire an executive box for the upcoming campaign.
"Without doubt everyone has been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the provision we have over there," he says, "and we have only six boxes available to sell.
"People were blissfully unaware of the magnitude of the development work that we had going on but now, as the structure has taken shape, it is there for all to see.
"Some of the lounge suites are fully subscribed; the main lounge suite that we have got left at the moment is the White Horse but we are getting a good response with people coming on board there as well.
"David Thorpe-Tracey, the hospitality director, has had a big hand in the recruitment process and has been interviewing like crazy to get people on board for the first match of the season.
"The hotel, because of the proximity to the City airport, will be a good destination, but the key thing is to have a hotel bedroom suite up and running.
"The boxes are nearing completion and one of them will be set up as a bedroom soon.
"We are working hard with the likes of the British Tourist Authority who are going to help with publicity both here and abroad.
"I do expect a good response to the hotel, and we are targeting early December to open that side of things."