How can the DSB help you?

The Disabled Supporters' Board works directly with the Board of Directors and senior managers at the Club with the aim of working together to achieve the best experience for all supporters with accessibility needs.

Together the forum has helped to improve the services and facilities for all accessibility supporters through a number of determinable actions which are set at each meeting.

DSB highlights include:

  • Enhancing the shuttle bus service; increasing to 18 buses post-match and a new stop at Stratford International
  • Installation of RADAR lock system across all accessible toilets throughout the stadium
  • Creation of bespoke accessibility maps and information guides
  • Addition of new collections points for audio commentary devices
  • Introduction of accessibility passes for fans with non-visible disabilities
  • Additional dedicated accessible routes around the Stadium and at Westfield
  • More accessibility signage around the Stadium
  • Club staff being trained in British Sign Language 101
  • Providing a mechanism for fans to contact the DSAB directly via bespoke email addresss [email protected] 

Get in touch to have your say!

To discuss an enquiry with Cathy and Trevor, or to submit feedback to the DSB and have it raised to the Club or at one of the future forums, email [email protected]

If you have a query or concern and wish to speak with the Club directly, call Julie or Joanne in our Accessibility team on 0333 030 0174 or email [email protected]