Useful hints & tips

Downloading apps 

Apps are easy to download and are often free. If you have a smart phone or other mobile device, you can use apps to play games, access news, books, social media and much more.

Helpful Phone Settings  

Boost the size of your on-screen text

This will help to make your on-screen text a little larger in your text messages and emails, the names and numbers in your contacts, and other core features on your iPhone or Android phone.

Magnify your screen

The enhanced text size will not work on all apps. However, there is a magnifying tool you can use which will allow you to zoom in on the entire screen, no matter what app you’re using.

Read small text using your phone’s camera

You can also use your phone camera as a magnifying glass to make it easier to read smaller print.

Listen to your text messages or emails

If you want to give your eyes a break from the screen or just prefer to listen to your messages, you can enable a phone to read texts, emails and website content out loud.  

Adjust your phone screen’s brightness

You can dim the screen brightness to help with lighting conditions and is also a good way to extend your battery life

Watching TV online

There are now multiple ways for us to watch our favourite TV programmes and one is from your computer and laptop.

Here you will be opened up to the world of online TV, where you can watch all your favourite programmes live or catch up on any shows you’ve missed!


Listen to our Any Old Irons Podcast

The Any Old Irons programme is led by the West Ham United Foundation and sees Hammers supporters aged 60+ come together on a regular basis. Catch all of the group’s podcasts here

The Any Old Irons Podcast can be accessed at

You can also discover a variety of other topics you may like to listen to by typing in key words on the SoundCloud’s main search tool found on their home page 

In order to save any of your favourite podcasts and songs, sign up to a SoundCloud account by clicking on the ‘Create Account’ button in the top right-hand side and enter your email address and password.

Socialising online

Use social media sites such as Facebook to socialise with family and friends, as well as keeping an eye on West Ham United! If you don’t have a Facebook account, follow our simple step by step guide that will help you create your account.

Zoom is another great way to stay connected to those close to you.

Zoom is a video calling tool which allows people to stay in touch through their laptop, tablets or phones. Zoom is available free to everyone, all you need is a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a camera and internet access.

Safety and Security

Useful hints and tips to keep your personal information safe and secure.