Friday 07 May
Updated Friday 07 May 13:45

West Ham United women receive new digital screen, thanks to Avocor and Vanquish Tech


West Ham United women are delighted to receive our new digital screen, thanks to Avocor and Vanquish Tech

Our back of shorts and technology partner, Vanquish Tech, have worked to create this superb digital screen that will be used by our analytical department to aid in preparation of our first team matches. 

The interactive touch screen will allow manager, Olli Harder, along with performance analyst Juan Valencia to show player footage and other key details from the training field, as well as being able to take the screen to matches for use within the changing before and during the match. 

This will be instrumental in showing players what they will be working on within a given session, but also what they will be coming up against in upcoming matches. 

The Club hope that this will allow us to take the next step in our analytical work of our own team and that of our opponents. 
Simeon Taylor of Vanquish Tech said: “We are delighted to continue our support of this amazing team. As the women’s team technology partner, we are constantly looking at ways to support, develop, and empower the team by using the latest technology available. 

“This mobile interactive touch screen solution will be used in training sessions by the coaching team to deliver set play formations, and game analytics in a visual form to the players. Traditionally delivered via an iPad or magnetic board with counters, the team and coaching staff will now benefit from having this interactive 65inch touch screen to display their strategies in a clear and precise manor pre, during, and post training sessions.


“This bespoke solution also enables the team to use the screen for away day matches too. Housed in a mobile case the screen lifts out with at a flick of a switch enabling the team to take this wherever they go and be used on the move.”

Avocor, the company behind the interactive screen said: “We are thrilled to work with West Ham United Women and that our technology is helping the club improve team working, collaboration and productivity, improving outcomes as a result.”
Juan Valencia, performance analyst at West Ham United women said: “The new screen will allow us to get the manager’s message across in a clear and concise manner with the use of video. 

“This will especially help with players that are not native English speakers because they will get the visuals. It’s always better to have visuals for the players to better understand what the manager wants. 

“The portability of the screen will allow us to utilise it out on the training field, which will be very helpful moving forward.

“We’re delighted to have the screen and we hope that we will see the benefits out on the pitch,” he added.

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