Thursday 16 Dec
Updated Thursday 16 Dec 16:42

A message to the West Ham Family

Isla Caton with her parents


Dear West Ham Family,

Isla Caton is almost seven. She has been fighting stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer for almost five of her years on earth and in this time she has undergone more treatment than I can even express – from chemo, radiation, two stem cell transplants, countless amounts of bone marrow taken, brain surgery as well as a 12-hour operation to remove the main tumour.

She has had immunotherapy and MIBG therapy as well as so, so much more I could fill the page up and still need more room. We were told in 2018 that Isla had three months to live so we sold everything we had and raised a lot of money and took Isla to Barcelona for life-saving treatment. We stayed in Spain for two years fighting but when COVID hit we had to return home.

We have been informed this week that Isla’s treatment is no longer working and now decided to spend our time making sure Isla has the most wonderful life we can give her and to make as many amazing memories as we can.

So instead of fundraising for medical costs we now feel it's time to give Isla as much happiness as humanly possible – if anyone deserves it, it’s our baby girl. To make a donation, please visit Isla's JustGiving page. Thank you so much.

Isla is a real-life superhero and we live for today and make that as magical as we can.


Mark Noble with Isla Caton at London Stadium in 2018


I want to take this opportunity to really express how grateful I am for everything you all have done for us as a family. All those years ago we had just had the most devastating news any family could ever get, and we knew we didn’t have much hope without raising huge amounts of money, we had nowhere to turn.

The players, led by Mark Noble and Robert Snodgrass, have gone above and beyond for Isla, stepping out onto the pitch with her in their arms and even coming to visit her in hospital in Barcelona, while players past and present have played in fundraising matches and donated items to be auctioned off.

To the Board and Club staff, we thank you so much for your help and for all the kindness you have shown us, for that we are forever grateful to each of you and we hope you will all continue to send your love to Isla.

To all those who have helped raise funds for our little girl, standing in the freezing wind and rain outside London Stadium and other grounds up and down the country, and to every single supporter who has donated towards Isla’s treatment, thank you for making our lives so much better and helping us see the light in the darkest of days.

My final thank you is to Shaun Wincott, who was the man to start all this. I will be forever grateful and the love and respect we have for you is like nothing else you are the real heart of all this and we love you x

Nikki Caton