Friday 03 Dec
Updated Friday 03 Dec 19:30

Independent Supporters’ Committee elections to be held



West Ham United is delighted to announce that it has facilitated a partnership with the UK’s leading independent election services provider, Civica, to oversee the democratic elections for new supporter representative positions on the Independent Supporters’ Committee (ISC). The process has received the support of the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA), who will act as independent advisors to the process.

The ISC was created following regular dialogue and meetings with the Club and the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) throughout 2020. Its structure and format has been created independently by several founding West Ham United supporters’ groups, including Any Old Irons, Bondholders, Disabled Supporters’ Board, Hammers United, Inclusive Irons, Pride of Irons, West Ham United Official Supporters’ Club and West Ham United Supporters’ Trust, who will now welcome two new supporter representative positions, one for Away Season Ticket Holders and one for Claret members to the ISC.

Sue Watson, Interim Chair of the ISC said: “The ISC groups represent a wide range of supporters of our great Club. By coming together, it has allowed us to work with the Board and Club staff to bring about positive changes for all West Ham United supporters on a wide range of issues. By joining the ISC you will be part of continuing to drive our fan focused agenda and achieve success for all.”

Ashley Brown, Head of Governance and Supporter Engagement at the FSA said: “The ISC is a platform for supporter representatives to engage directly with club staff and executives. Progressive clubs across the football pyramid recognise the benefit of real consultation with their fans, and with the right supporter reps the ISC can deliver that.”

Supporters belonging to the Away Season Ticket and Claret Membership schemes will receive direct email communication from the Club in the coming days, with information and direction to the Civica nominations and election process for their respective constituencies.

Civica Election Services said: "Every year, CES supports hundreds of organisations, across a wide range of sectors, to engage their stakeholders and deliver secure, trusted voting projects. CES has an unrivalled reputation for quality, integrity and independence, which is one of the reasons why the Club has appointed them to administer the member ballot.   

"CES has extensive experience of managing ballots similar to this and have experience working with a number of Football Clubs in all leagues."

The ISC meets with the Board of Directors and senior management team at the Club, as well as representatives from the FSA, four times per season on matters of interest to West Ham United supporters. Additionally, the ISC has regular dialogue with the Club’s senior management team and has created four subcommittees for the Return of Supporters, Ticketing, EDI and Communications. ISC representatives will also be meeting with Safety Advisory Group representatives at key points throughout the season.

Vice-Chairman Karren Brady said: “We’re delighted to have partnered with Civica who are leading experts in their field. We understand the importance of this being led by our supporters and we have helped to facilitate this democratic process which will be independently managed by the FSA and the ISC. The Club, ISC and FSA all have a collective aim of supporting the constructive consultation and relationships we’ve built together over the past 18 months.”

Full information, including a timeline for nominations and voting for the elections, will be communicated to supporters who have opted-in to the process.

The ISC forms part of a wider structure for supporter consultation, working alongside the Club’s multiple channels of supporter engagement, including our dedicated Supporter Services team, 50-strong Matchday Supporter Liaison team, the Hammers Help Twitter handle @westhamhelp, Hammers Help Centre, Disabled Supporters’ Board, Junior Supporters’ Board, and West Ham Women’s Supporters’ Board, as well as regular surveys, personal communication, points of contact, and the recent addition of the Hammers Hub, created in direct response to fan feedback.

The Club welcomes and values feedback from across the entire fanbase, and our Ticketing and Supporter Services teams continue to be available for you to contact directly.

We take note of all the feedback supporters provide to us, using your calls, emails, letters, survey responses, Tweets, and of course the discussions we have with supporters’ groups, to form a measured understanding on any views and suggestions relating to Club policy and services. Your feedback helps us to identify the matters that are most important to the fanbase, so please get in touch! We want to hear from you.

Both the Club and the Independent Supporters’ Committee hope that the new relationship will prove to be a unique and strong communication process between the Club and representative groups, for the benefit of all supporters across the fanbase. For the latest information on supporter consultation and the Club and ISC relationship, click here.