Betway and Mark Noble prank Declan Rice with car clamp!

Declan Rice arrives at a studio in Hackney to film a FIFA 20 content piece with team-mate Ryan Fredericks for our social media channels.

What neither Rice nor Fredericks know is that, while the FIFA 20 shoot is real, everything else is fake.

In fact, the main reason the FIFA shoot is happening away from our training ground is so that Rice can be pranked by our shirt sponsor Betway. The players have literally walked – well, driven – into an ambush.

As the players film inside, an actor recruited by Betway to play the role of an officious traffic warden erects ‘no parking’ signs around the car park and attaches a real-life clamp to Rice’s car. The actor then waits for Rice to reappear, where he will inform him that his car is about to be towed away.

Even better, our skipper Mark Noble is watching the whole thing from just a few metres away inside a blacked-out van. Noble can see everything and communicates to the actor through an earpiece, suggesting funny and outrageous things for him to say and do.

How will Rice, who was hilariously pranked by England team-mate Mason Mount in the summer, react to being the victim of another prank?

You’ll have to watch Betway’s video to find out!