Watch Betway’s documentary on ‘What Makes a Good Pundit?’

Our principal sponsors have created a short film to discover what sets the best pundits apart...

It's often said that football is a game of opinions, which is just as well, because there’s plenty of time to fill.

With 24-hour news channels, radio phone-ins and endless debate on social media, the football media cycle never stops. And, weirdly, it is the people who keep the wheels turning that often end up as the biggest talking points. 

Whether it’s a co-commentator trending on Twitter during a live game or a Match Of The Day panellist making the headlines on a Monday – nowadays, pundits seem to be subjected to just as much scrutiny as the players.

The globalisation of the game means we now have more information at our disposal than ever before, but what effect has that had on the quality of football analysis?

To find out, our partners at Betway have created this short documentary, ‘Shoot From The Hip’. 

Following on from ’Over Land and Sea’ – which discussed what makes a true football fan while telling the story of Pan, a Chinese West Ham supporter – this latest film goes behind the scenes at some of our favourite shows to discover what it takes to succeed as a pundit.

They talk to former players Chris Sutton, Danny Mills, Pat Nevin and Danny Higginbotham about their differing approaches to the job, and some of the lessons that they've learned along the way.

They get unique insight from BT Sport producer Matt Curtis, who teaches pundits how to improve, and presenter Jules Breach, whose job it is to get the best out of them on screen.

And they also chat to two of the founding members of The Football Ramble, an independent podcast that has grown to become one of the most-popular outlets in the industry, about how punditry has become an extension of football’s entertainment.